Our jet owner needed some equipment from our aircraft and we (the crew) were hundreds of miles away back at home. We contacted Mike at Reliable Jet Maintenance and asked if he would go out to our airplane on a Sunday afternoon and recover our key, open the jet, find the equipment, and leave it at the FBO to be picked up. Mike was kind enough to help us with this problem and then he volunteered to drive the equipment up to our owners house! Unbelievable! We were so thankful that he was available on a Sunday and went way above and beyond and delivered the equipment. We just couldn’t believe it. We’re so thankful! They are available for Jet maintenance at Boca (KBCT), West Palm (KPBI), and OPa Locka (KOPF) and probably more. Please help us pay it forward by bringing your work to Reliable Jet Maintenance.

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