Jonathan and Mike went above and beyond to get me on my way after an unexpected issue grounded my plane before my trip back home. They were very professional and took time out of their schedule to take care of my plane. Jonathan explained this was his new hands-on approach to taking care of his customers. Thanks for the great service!

Jorge de la Osa

Reliable Jet completed the prepurchase inspection we requested on a Challenger. Their team did a great job both on the records and physical aircraft. The report I received the day after the inspection was finished was the most comprehensive document I have ever seen in over 30 years in aviation. The money spent on this inspection was well worth every dollar and saved thousands before closing and gave me complete information regarding the aircraft. Very well done by their mobile team!

David Neely

Should be a 10 STAR rating!!! Jonathan went over the top and beyond to get our Challenger looked after and in tip top shape. They are very professional and took the time to take care of explaining all. Jonathan has passion for the business!! GREAT JOB GREAT WORK!!

Miro Z

Our jet owner needed some equipment from our aircraft and we (the crew) were hundreds of miles away back at home. We contacted Mike at Reliable Jet Maintenance and asked if he would go out to our airplane on a Sunday afternoon and recover our key, open the jet, find the equipment, and leave it at the FBO to be picked up. Mike was kind enough to help us with this problem and then he volunteered to drive the equipment up to our owners house! Unbelievable! We were so thankful that he was available on a Sunday and went way above and beyond and delivered the equipment. We just couldn't believe it. We're so thankful! They are available for Jet maintenance at Boca (KBCT), West Palm (KPBI), and OPa Locka (KOPF) and probably more. Please help us pay it forward by bringing your work to Reliable Jet Maintenance.

Mark Lary

Recently purchased Lear 60XR. Fantastic pre-buy support. Also had couple minor issues with plane after purchase and they were able to immediately work through the issues and get me back in the air. Much better service and support than bombardier. I will be coming back for all of my Lear maintenance needs. Thanks Mike and JB.

Michael Terfehr

The Guys went the extra mile to get us back flying over the Christmas Holiday, Thanks

Paul Hudik
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