Pre-Purchase Evaluations

A pre-purchase evaluation is an essential part of any used aircraft transaction for all parties involved. Our principal focus during a pre-purchase evaluation is to provide the most accurate assessment of the condition of the aircraft.

When choosing a facility to conduct a pre-purchase evaluation, there are two key factors to consider: neutrality and experience. Although we regard each client as a friend, our reputation relies on our utmost professional, fair, and non-biased performance. In addition, with over 35 aircraft models on our Ops Specs, RJMx can offer you the assurance that your aircraft is being inspected by a shop with outstanding knowledge and in-depth experience with the aircraft make and model. This diversification also allows us to complete most discrepancy repairs in-house, if any are found through the inspection.

While we are highly specialized in Learjet and Challenger pre-purchase evaluations, we have completed numerous reports on other business jet models as well. Based on the unique requirements of your transaction, RJMx can provide various levels of evaluation.

Life Limited Components Review

When looking to purchase an aircraft, there may be unforeseen costs within the life limited parts. RJMx will conduct a life limited components review to check the life status of all life limited parts (LLPs) installed on the aircraft. This will expose any potential dilemmas to be considered during the negotiation of the sale.

  • If the service life of an LLP is exhausted, the part must be replaced in order to conduct safe and airworthy operation. The replacement of the LLP can be costly in addition to applicable fines if imposed by the FAA.
  • If the LLP is within its service life but is coming due in the near future, it may be prudent to consider coordinating the replacement with an upcoming inspection or maintenance event to save money on labor costs and minimize downtime. This also enables the LLP to be sold with time still left to recover some of the replacement costs.

Life limited parts are identified by thorough review of the type design, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, maintenance manual, service bulletins, and airworthiness directives. Each LLP is verified with the logbook, life limit cards, and maintenance records. If the aircraft is on a maintenance tracking program, RJMx will verify that the data is accurate or update it accordingly. If the aircraft is not on a maintenance tracking program, a Life Limited Components List will be provided for future tracking.

Damage Assessment

Damage on an aircraft can be as minor as “hangar rash” or as extensive as major damage to structural components. Regardless of the severity of the damage, a fair and accurate damage history is important. If the unfortunate has occurred and your aircraft has sustained damage, RJMx can provide you with a damage assessment report, including an estimation of repair costs and the diminution of value due to the damage.

Additionally, if you are in the market for an aircraft, RJMx can provide you with a damage assessment report through intensive logbook research.

Aircraft Recovery

In the event that your aircraft is damaged or disabled, RJMx can provide assistance with the aircraft recovery. We will coordinate all operational aspects including, but not limited to: initial on-site inspection, crew arrangements, obtaining ferry flight permits, fuel provisions, and ground handling.

Active Storage

When flying an aircraft is no longer an economically viable option, active storage is essential to retaining the value of your aircraft. Whether it is only short-term during the transition of a sale or for an extended period of time due to market conditions or other factors, RJMx will ensure that your aircraft is continually maintained according to the manufacturer’s storage regime to remain in compliance and to retain the value of the aircraft or its parts.

DOM Services

RJMx recognizes that not every flight department has the ability to employ a full-time Director of Maintenance. We offer a la carte DOM services to meet your individual needs. You will receive all of the added benefits of having a fully certified repair station working on your behalf with the oversight of an individual who is assigned to and familiar with your specific needs, your GMM, and Part 135/Part 91 flight department needs.

Maintenance Tracking Programs

We work with all major maintenance tracking programs such as CAMP, CMP, CESCOM, Flight Docs, and CAAMS to maximize the utility and efficiency of your aircraft. We can also design and create a custom maintenance tracking program to fit the needs of any Part 91 or Part 135 flight department. Our current capabilities allow for English and Spanish creation.