Maintenance Services

Our diversity allows us to work on many aircraft models, because of this we can provide service on all major inspections that may be due or coming due on your aircraft. Although we are a young company we have performed multiple 12,000 landing inspections, 12 year aircraft inspections, and 24/48 month inspections.

imgService4AOG Aircraft on Ground
7 days a week, 365 days a year we put our wrenches to work to keep your aircraft up and running. Our goal here is to get your team back in the air with as little interruption to your flight schedule as possible.
Mobile Repair Party
RJM will provide you with a Mobile Repair Party to assist you with any needs that you may encounter on the road or at your home base. We have a professional team who are ready and willing to travel the globe for your aircraft maintenance needs.
Structural Repairs
From mild to wild, we can repair your scratches, nicks and dents on your sheet metal or composite aircraft, as well as areas resulting from damage. As an authorized dealer of Perkins Aircraft Services we are also able to help you with any window replacement needed for your aircraft at a pricing advantage over our competitors.