Management Services

Director of Maintenance Services
If needed, RJM can provide for your flight department a Director of Maintenance. You will receive all of the added benefits of having a full Certificated Repair Station working on your behalf with the oversight of an individual who is assigned to and familiar with your specific needs, your GMM and Part 135/Part 91 Flight Department needs.
imgService12Life Limited Components Review

When looking to purchase an aircraft there may be hidden costs within the life limited components. RJM will use all of our tools to research and report any dilemmas that may be hidden.
imgService8Damage Assessment
If the unfortunate has occurred and your aircraft has sustained damage, we are available to assist you in providing a damage assessment. Additionally, if you are in the market for an aircraft we can provide you with a damage assessment report through intensive log book research.
imgService13Maintenance Tracking Programs
We work with multiple maintenance tracking programs such as CAMP, CMP, CESCOM, Flight Docs, CAAMS and many more to maximize the utility and efficiency of any aircraft.

We can also design a customized maintenance tracking program to fit the needs of any Part 91 or Part 135 flight department.