Aircraft Management Overview

Aircraft ManagementRecognizing the reality that owners and operators are asking their crews to perform more tasks with fewer tools and sometimes less financial means Reliable Jet set out to find ways to make the flight crew’s job easier.  Jonathan and his team looked at the market conditions and evaluated what their current customer needs were and began finding ways to make those needs easier to fulfill.

Reliable Jet offers records digitalization that is accessible globally, think about what it would mean to you to be far from home but still be able to look at the logbook entries from the very first inspection performed.  RJM has a team that will track all of your upcoming due items on a 90 day, 6 month and 1 year projection so your flight department can, at a glance, plan for aircraft downtime and financial burden.  By knowing what is projected on your aircraft you can reserve your maintenance visit out early enough to qualify for a discount at the RJM hangar.

Third party representation is critical when your aircraft or large components are being worked at an outside facility; RJM has saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars during these types of representation.  RJM also recognizes that not every flight department has the ability to employ a full time Director of Maintenance; the D.O.M. services that are available to you from Reliable Jet are a la carte so you choose only what you need.