Aircraft Maintenance Overview

The Aviation Industry has faced many obstacles over the last few years, the biggest factor working against business aviation has been the economy.  Reliable Jet Maintenance has consistently grown despite the challenging economic environment.  Reliable Jet has continued to invest in its greatest asset during these trying times, their employees.

While many maintenance providers have made moves to shrink their workforce or limit the types of airplane models they work on Reliable Jet has done the opposite; RJM has chosen to steadily bring in new A&P technicians and they continue to expand their Ops Specs to meet the demanding marketplace.  RJM currently is approved to maintain 31 different aircraft model series and is actively pursuing adding others.  This diversity in capabilities is what they attribute their steady growth to.

Reliable Jet utilizes its staff to maintain experts in each of those aircraft models so you can rest assured that only the best will be working on your aircraft.  RJM invests in itself by putting 20% of their annual net profit into their training budget.  This factory training is pursued annually so that RJM can give their customers peace of mind that they are receiving the best quality maintenance available.  Reliable Jet also boasts one of the lowest hourly shop rates in all of South Florida.  RJM encourages you to visit their shop for a tour or contact them today to receive a competitive quote for your aircraft needs.